Options and Upgrades Information

We offer a number of additional options or upgrades for each hutch.

Each hutch listing will have these options available for selection, and will be priced accordingly dependent on the hutch size and material.

Each upgrade is described below

  • Staining

All Hutches can be provided either unstained for you to paint yourself, treated with a water based stain for £5, or an oil based stain for £10

  • Fix-Up Ladders

Multi tier hutches can be provided with no ladders or a 'fix-up' ladder. These ladders enable each tier to be temporarily closed off as they fold up and can be fixed in place to the underside of the tier above.

  • T-Hinges

These are an upgrade on our standard butt hinges as pictured below. 

  • Bolt Locks

These are an upgrade on our standard turn locks and can enable each door to be securely locked.

  • Thicker Wire

This is a thicker 16 gauge wire that is an additional upgrade from our standard 19 gauge wire.

  • 9mm Ply Floor

This is an upgrade on the standard 6mm ply floor for those requiring a thicker floor base per tier.

  • Litter Boards

Litter boards are fixed to the front of the hutches on each tier to reduce the amount of bedding/wood shavings that fall out of the hutch upon opening of the doors. 

  • Removable Dividers

These can be provided to enable the hutches to be partitioned off down the middle so that the hutches can be utilised as separate smaller hutches from time to time. These are only available on larger hutches.