Our hutches and runs are crafted from quality 12mm shiplap timber, and 9mm plywood. 

Each product will have slight variations due to the nature of wood as a natural product. The timber may have some colour differences, knots, or changes in the grain. This is normal for the nature of the product and therefore is not classed as a fault or defect in the material or within the product.

It is down to the individual customer to ensure correct use of the product and to inspect it upon arrival. Please discuss any concerns with the team at the time of delivery. At the point of the hutch leaving the workshop, it will be subject to a quality check and signed off by the build team. Upon delivery at the customer home, the customer will be invited to check the hutch and sign the order sheet for order completion.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure a correct maintenance routine and proper use of the product to maintain its longevity.

The Derbyshire Hutch Company cannot be held responsible for any future changes to the products for example, warping, splitting, mildew build up etc. which can arise from fluctuations in temperature, humidity, restricted airflow, exposure to the elements etc. 

It is the responsibility of the customer to carry out regular maintenance checks. We take no responsibility for any misuse of the products or lack of maintenance.